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International Focus Programme on Media Law - Final Conference


Trieste, 16th 21st May 2016

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A message from Anna Haipola, President of ELSA International

"Through its International Focus Programme, ELSA aims to create a pan-European forum that will give a global dimension to its work on the raising awareness of a certain relevant legal topic, as well as to provide the law students with additional opportunities to work together and gain knowledge of that legal area. This forum that allows for continuity within ELSA and sets out a common goal for all ELSA members to work towards. It provides a mechanism to consolidate ELSA’s work and produce concrete results of a high standard. In the framework of this forum, law students and young lawyers can gather and discuss a current theme, gathering all their diverse opinions and ideas. The International Focus Programme seeks to provide a specific theme for the whole ELSA network to focus its efforts on over a three-year period. In modern society, understanding the nuts and bolts of media law is useful for anyone who serves businesses. But following contemporary issues, which are years away from seeing a courthouse, is also important."


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